Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to simulate WAN (Wide Area Network) in LAN (Local Area Network)

Anyone ever needed to test the web application on a low bandwidth WAN link? But u can’t afford create a link using actual routers and other networking equipment.  I came across such situation where, a web application works fine within the development environment which is a LAN. But when application is deployed in the actual environment which is a WAN with low bandwidths like 128Kbps it becomes very slow to response. My solution was WINEM.


  • ·         Application works fine in LAN
  • ·         Application becomes unresponsive in WAN
  • ·         After fix redeploy to staging environment
  • ·         Production environment  don’t have development facilities
  • ·         Don’t have remote access to development environment
  • ·         Wait for someone to check and tell whether the fix worked
  • ·         Do something else go through the same process again

I wanted to simulate the staging environment within my development environment so I can check application before sending but don’t have equipment to do that. Then I came across a free WAN emulator called WANEM by TATA Consultancy. I t was easy to set up, easy to use and do the job.


  • ·         At least three machines to simulate Server, Client and WAN network.
  • ·         Number of clients can be increased
  • ·         Burn WANEM to a CD
  • ·         Boot the third machine with the CD
  • ·         Setup Routing between client and server so that the data  go through WANEM.
  • ·         Deploy application in server
  • ·         Set the WAN characteristics in the WANEM through the GUI provided
  • ·         Try the application through  the client machine

This setup can be done with virtual machines if you can’t find enough machines.  My setup was a hybrid one which has virtual machines real machines. And basically that’s all there is to do. You have emulated the WAN within a LAN. More clients add is just configuring routing.

Here are the links to resources:
·         Download the WANEM ISO file – either burn to CD or boot the virtual machine with this
·         Download the WANEMvirtual machine image to use with VMWARE.
·         Howto set up the routing in the Machines.
·         Tutorialpage for WANEM


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