Friday, December 16, 2011

Authenticating Active directory Users to a Linux Client

1.1        Introduction

Linux and Windows has always been separated environment from each other and rarely any interopretability was seen. Now a days as IT field grows rapidly, you got better chance if your company users more effective technologies and share the infrastructure which in turn become cost effective.
Our approach was to use the Active Directory Authentication for login in to a Linux client rather than using a separate directory service for Linux. Main reason for this was as most of the leading companies Srilankan Airlines use the Active Directory environment for authenticating their users. If we use two separate directory services, for Linux and Windows it become hard to manage and the user would have two identities on the network.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yala National Wildlife Park

Reservoir Water Level Monitoring System Using Ultrasonic (part–2)

In the previous post, I told about sending the information gathered through SMS. Then the next part would be on the development of the web interface. The web interface I designed show the water levels on a map using the Google maps API (). This API is based on Java scripts, which means the things happen on the client side. Client side refers to the user who visits the website. When the user browses to the website the browser run the Java scripts and generate the maps. However, in order to show the water level details on the map we need Java scripts to access the data that are on the central server. Solution I used is XML, widely used technology with web development.