Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What does Extended, Proper, Xvid, SBS, Limited means

In my last post I explain about the main types of tags in the movie titles that tell about its rip version. Now I ‘m going to tell about some extra tags in movie titles and what they mean.

Half SBS – This stand for Side By Side. This is about the viewing resolution of a 3D movie. By indicating half the resolution used is half the full resolution for one eye. That is, in 1920x1080 frame two side by side 960x1080 frames will be used to display the movie. Rather than SBS there are over under method used to display the frames. And there is full HD version also which gives the full resolution for one eye.

Proper – This means that the first release of this movie by certain group is fairly poor in quality than the one that tags proper.

Limited – The movie is shown in limited number of theaters. It will about 300-500 theaters.

Subbed – The movie has embedded sub-titles. This means that subtitles file wont appear separately. If it says ‘Hard subbed’ then u cant turn off the subtitles. Also ‘Unsubbed’ version comes if the there is previous subbed version.

 Internal – The release is within the group only. This may be due to several reasons, avoid dupe’d, keep the group reputation etc..

STV – This stand for Straight to Video. This means that movie hasn't run in theaters. low budget films do this when they feel like they can’t make it to the silver screen directly release the movie to video.

FS / WS – These are aspect ratio tags. WS means widescreen, and FS means full screen.

DL – Dual Language, the movie comes in two languages.

DUBBED – Actors voices has been put in to another language.

Extended – The movie contains some scenes added afterward that were not in the theoretical version.

Nuke – A movie is nuked if it doesn’t incorrectly labeled, incomplete, or bad quality.

Repack – It is the corrected version of a nuke. Like a proper version but by the same group.

Recode / Re-encode – Previously released version is subtitle filtered, color corrected, etc..

Dupe – It is a duplicate of already existing version.

NTSC/PAL – These are most used video formats, NTSC has higher frame rate and PAL has better resolution.

XVID/DIVX – These video codec used compress videos.